With Leading People you have access to a supportive and specialist leadership coach who is there to help you achieve your personal goals and maximise your potential as a leader.

Your coach will really listen, guide the conversation and ask the challenging questions to help you find the motivation, and resources you have to reach your goals and aspirations. A range of coaching programs can be provided.

Leadership Performance Coaching is focused on enhancing personal leadership capability – to leverage unique strengths or identify and overcome blind spots or blockers to performance.

Coaching to your Potential is focused on building your readiness for more senior leadership roles. Coaching supports you to reach your potential building from prior learning, development opportunities and career experiences to date.

Transition Coaching is all about facilitating change and supporting you through a career transition. This program is a targeted coaching engagement to support an effective transition into a new leadership role.

Freestyle Leadership Coachingprovides a flexible structure for you to bring to coaching sessions the current challenges and issues that are on your mind. The sessions provide the space for executive thinking and problem solving which are otherwise challenging to create in day to day business context.