Testimonial 2

“I have worked with Elly Simmons for the past 18 months and have valued her trusted advice in all HR matters.

Elly has provided strong counsel on our leadership team conferences to ensure we get maximum value out of our sessions and to ensure that we are operating as a high performing leadership team. I have found Elly to be an outstanding facilitator helping draw out heart of the issue and ensuring that the conversation comes back on track when it deviates.

Elly has also provided our business with support with coaching and is working with a number of our senior leadership team members to further develop their leadership capabilities. Elly has a natural style to enable the person she is coaching to identify the issue and ensure they work through achievable solutions.

In the many dealings I have had with Elly I have found her to be commercially focused, looking for the right solution for the business whilst sharing her expertise in a professional manner.”